Is Nites TV legit? Safety concerns of free streaming

Nites TV promises ad-free HD streaming for free. But is it safe to use? Find out if Nites TV is legitimate.

Find out if Nites TV is legitimate.

Latest movies and TV shows, with HD quality video, ad-free streaming, Chromecast-friendly and all FREE — should you give in?

When you are in quarantine thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, with no sign of the lockdown easing up, it is hard to resist.

No wonder people on social media can’t stop talking about how godsend the streaming website called Nites TV is.

What is Nites TV?

Nites TV is an ‘online service provider’ that has surfaced on the web recently, among other free to use services.

It boasts of having some of the latest movies, TV shows and web series that you’d otherwise have to pay to watch on familiar OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.

Apart from ad-free high-quality video, Nites TV and Chromecast are also compatible.

Nites TV library: What all can you watch for free?

From showcasing most latest action flicks like Bad Boys of Life (starring Will Smith), Vin Diesel starred Bloodshot, fantasy movies like Doolittle and Birds of Prey, and going all way back to popular releases from 2013 like G.I Joe, and Fast and Furious 6, etc — Nite.TV has quite a colorful movie library.

It also has all the popular shows from the digital world like Westworld (HBO), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Netflix) and even Star Trek Picard (Amazon Original).

Photo: Screenshot from Nites TV

Again, all free. And without any ads.

Too good to be true right? Precisely why we did a bit of digging to find out how legit this site is.

How Legit Is Nites TV?

At first glance, it seems as a legit site, and even comes with Terms and Conditions, and Privacy policy etc. It describes itself as ‘an online service provider as defined in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’

Does that mean it owns a license to stream original shows from Netflix and Amazon Prime? Quite unlikely.

It simply hosts other free-to-use video services such as Upstream, etc on its server and allows users to play the videos from those platforms from Nites TV.

“We do not actively monitor, screen or otherwise review the media which is uploaded to our servers by users of the service.”

As stated in Nites TV Terms and Conditions for the site.

A somewhat smart but not exactly novel way to get around copyright violation laws. 

The biggest indicator that the website is not an authorized content distributor for the publishers is that it is streaming from multiple known pirating enabling sources.

Moreover, while testing, we also found references to ‘YIFY’, a known content piracy organization, in the website’s code. One glance at Yify’s homepage tells you that its content coincides with Nites TV.

Will you get in legal trouble for streaming on Nites TV?

Quite frankly, it depends on what region you are accessing the site from. Some places are more strict about individual piracy, but on average, the action is usually targeted at distribution platforms and not the individual users.

That being said, it is safer to mask one’s ID when accessing such sites. We do not advocate breaking law in your respective jurisdiction.

Is Nites TV safe to use? 

Our initial analysis has shown no obvious security threats to users. The site’s code looks more or less clean from the browser’s end.

In short, there were no malicious codes (virus, malware) that get triggered when using the site, when we tested. It also doesn’t ask you to sign in, therefore there is hardly any threat to your personal data.

This may not last.

A common strategy for many online scams or malicious sites is to wait to load up their malicious code after the traffic level has surpassed a number of users per day. 

A good way to avoid such scams or traps is never sharing your email ID etc. Even if such sites need you to log in, it’s safer to accounts and passwords that are not linked to your online banking and other confidential details.

Of course, the best way to completely avoid such security risks is to stream your favorite content on official distributing platforms.

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