‘Where Your Eyes Linger’, First BL Kdrama, Announced

Are you into BL or Boys Love? Then get ready to add this upcoming title from Korea to your ever-growing guilty pleasure list. 

Naver just put out a report announcing web drama ‘Where Your Eyes Linger’, which Son Jin Ah, Double You Story, and EnergDic would jointly produce.

The drama is expected to have eight 10-minutes-long episodes and will be released via a dedicated streaming app on May 22.

Why should this make it to your watch-list?

If the makers’ are to be believed, this would be first-ever Korean drama that would break the stigma of homosexual relationships with BL content.

Apart from the obvious appeal of Boys Love centric story, this web series will feature Han Ki-Chan of ‘Produce 101’ fame and Jang, Eui-soo, who had previously appeared in dramas ‘Bad Papa’ and ‘Psychometry That Guy’.

Actress Choi Gyu Ri, known for featuring in music videos in Super Junior’s ‘Magic’ and BTOB’s ‘Dear Bride’, will also be seen in this upcoming web drama.

Award-winning director Hwang Da Suel will be in charge of the direction of this project.

He had previously penned the web drama ‘Love As You Taste’ and picked up the 2018 Catholic Film Festival award in the short film category for ‘Spring In Summer’.


Hang Gi Chan and Jang Eui Soo in ‘Where Your Eyes Linger

‘Where Your Eyes Linger’ or ‘Where Your Eyes Stay’ will tell the story of hot-blooded Taejoo, who belongs to a Chaebol family. He is a self-proclaimed heir who doesn’t lack any more or resources.

The special friend he keeps by his side as a bodyguard is the enigmatic Guk. They will be joined by other characters who both complicate and bring to light the unique dynamic between these two boys.

A theatrical version will release in Korea in June. Japanese fans can catch the show via the Rakuten website, and it is expected to release in more than 200 countries.

[Source: Naver]