Nites TV is not working; Can it comeback?

Nites TV, the free video streaming platform that boasted of an ad-free watching experience in HD, has been taken down. It is still the top search result on Google but the content is completely different.

If you go to the site now, all you will see is this ‘takedown’ notice from ‘Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment’.

Copyright infringement note from Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment
Copyright infringement note from Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment

Does Nites TV APK still work?

If you thought you could work around this ban by simply downloading the Nites TV apk, save your effort. The app isn’t functional either. The moment you download and install it on your android device, it gives you the same notice as above.

What is Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment?

The notice informs us that the “Website is no longer available due to copyright infringement” before sharing ‘How to watch legally’ by redirecting us to ‘Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment’ homepage.

It lists a bunch of legal streaming services like Hulu, Netflix and Disney +, and aggregators and search tools like Flixter, JustWatch, and that help you look for your favorite content.

ACE disclaimer

According to their website, “Alliance unites today’s content creators in the common mission of helping consumers maximize their online experience and reducing the illicit and illegal acts of online piracy that harm the thriving digital ecosystem.”

ACE website

Basically a union of content creators that ensures fair use of their content and regulates illegal use of their content.

Legal and safety concerns of Nites TV

Nites TV’s fate may be sad, but not really unexpected. The site catapulted to fame for both its ‘too good to be true’ proposition and its safety concerns. We had addressed everyone’s legal and safety concerns with the site in our previous article.

Copyright infringement was obviously a key issue. Even before the site was taken down, Google had started filtering the search results related to Nites.TV.

In response to multiple complaints that we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 5 results from this page. If you wish, you may read the DMCA complaints that caused the removals at Complaint, Complaint.”


Can Nites TV make a comeback?

Right after Nites TV site and app stopped working, folks took to social media wondering why, and of course to complain.

The makers behind Nites TV responded to user queries with this meme, hinting at a possible comeback.

Soon after they floated an online poll, asking users if they wanted Nites TV to come back, and would they be okay with a paid version of the service, or prefer to use it completely free like before, but with limited access.

Well, Nites TV is no more, but alternatives exist. Check out our feature to explore.